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I am Art and Literature lover, my registered name is Ch Abdul Wahid Hashmi and pen name is Maseeha~, ( view profile).
I have always been searching good stuff to fulfill my literary thirst. That is why, to share what I read, I made an Urdu Language and Literature Website UrduRisala.com.

Though I was already running 'UrduRisala.com (E-Magazine)', I decided to make a dedicated website on Ahmad Faraz to explore his personality and everlasting Literary work.

If you ever met with Ahmad Faraz or read/listen any golden memory of him, do share with me so that I could make it online.

You are most welcome to visit my other websites;

If you have any suggestions, comment or query, please contact using Contact Form or write me at:

Ch Abdul Wahid Hashmi
P.O.Box No. 933,
Post Office Gulgasht Colony,
Multan, 60700, Pakistan.

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